materialworlds version information

installation version
mwinst10.exe original release
mwinst10b.exe     modifications to Solar System pages
mwinst10c.exe bug affecting object text labels on WindowsNT fixed
mwinst10d.exe experiment worksheets introduced - together with
some new and some improved "laws of motion" simulations
mwinst10e.exe introduces option of entering registration codes during first
24 hours of program installation - facilitating multi-user registration
mwinst11.exe new simulations: pendulum clock, medieval siege engine,
playground swing and geocentric universe
mwinst12.exe new simulations: comet and (arch and beam) bridges
new experiments: six worksheets on the Solar system, bridge experiments
mwinst13.exe more compatible with WindowsXP and faster computers,
extra 30-day temporary registration option.
mwinst14.exe crash simulations and worksheets added.
mwinst15.exe 3D perspective arrows introduced and kinetic gas theory simulation added.
several WindowsXP bugs fixed

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