materialworlds education
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Materialworlds simulations can be used as demonstration theoretical models, for free exploration and experimental play and - with specific experiment worksheets and teacher guidance - for work in a focused curriculum area.
The ideal format of a simulation will depend on the teaching situation. Browse our simulation library for the most suitable version of a particular simulation.

If you don't find the simulation or worksheet you're looking for, do email us your suggestions or create your own and email us for a reciprocal link.
Web authors will be able to make significant changes to simulation web pages - read the webpage tutorial and design a new simulation web page with just the layout and text you want.
You might also want to to find out (see exhibition) how to set up full screen simulations for public displays that aren't easily disturbed by the passing user.

With our "for free" publishing option you don't have to pay to use materialworlds simulations on your web pages - it's up to each viewer whether to become a registered user. If you're creating webpages for a particular school or college, then a site registration will cover your audience.

Send any questions, requests or suggestions to us at