Play and experiment with the growing collection of materialworlds simulations - and get a feel for the forces at the heart of the physical world.
Solar system
tilt and zoom your view of the planets as they orbit the Sun... change the Earth's tilt and wreck the seasons... nudge a satellite into a new orbit ... track the changes in tidal forces with the phases of the Moon ... switch off gravity and see what happens... follow a comet around the Solar system.
kinetic gas theory
what laws do gases obey - and why? what makes gases heat up when compressed? does Bernoulli's 265 year-old conception of gases offer enlightenment?
play snooker
follow the changing forces on each ball through cascades of collisions.
who needs crumple zones? how passengers and vehicles fare in different collisions.
laws of motion
Galileo's balls... terminal velocity... bouncing ball... pendulum... Newton's cradle...
pendulum clock... siege engine...
swing... bridges