materialworlds registration

After you first install materialworlds, you'll have a limited (24 hour) period of free full access to the simulations.
When this time limit is up, you'll still be able to view the simulations, but each will rewind back to it's initial state after a couple of seconds running.
To become a materialworlds registered user and run simulations without time limits, you need to purchase your individual registration code - or if you'd like to try out materialworlds for free a little longer we can send you a 30-day registration code:

Purchase materialworlds
standard registration
Order free 30-day
temporary registration
single user standard registration: $19.95
reduced rates for multi-user registration

All of our growing number of simulations require just standard registration. In the future it is possible that some specialized sets of simulations may be developed that will require extra registration.

Most users will key in their registration code when prompted by materialworlds sometime after the free 24 hour period has expired. You can, however, enter it before this; either when materialworlds prompts you the first time it runs, or by clicking here