This simulation shows the stresses and strains on a garden swing structure.

When the swing slows down you can get it going faster either by clicking the rewind button, or by giving it a small push or pull with the mouse - but not too hard...

As the swing supports (front and back) become compressed they are drawn in red - or yellow under greater compression. Under tension the supports are drawn in blue.

Like many garden swings, the supports aren't very firmly anchored in the ground - they wobble back and forth a bit - and if you swing too high they'll lift into the air. So watch out.

When is a swing support under the greatest compression?

When is a swing support under tension?

How is this swing dangerous, and how would you make it safer?

About the simulation:
Red arrows show forces on an object. Thin headed arrows show the individual forces that combine together to give the triangle headed resultant force.
Blue arrows show the direction and speed of an object's velocity.
The longer an arrow, the greater the force and velocity it represents.

Pressing the  rewind button returns the simulation to its initial state.