materialworlds experiments

experiments by simulation
solar system
planet orbits
Earth's tilt and the seasons
Earth's tilt experiment
seasons and day length lab - by Andrew Marcus, Department of Earth Sciences - Montana State University
gravitational forces
what happens if you switch off gravity?
comet orbits
Crumple zones: crash into wall
Crumple zones: crash into wall - energy changes
Crumple zones: shunt collisions
Head-on collisions: effects of crumple zones and vehicles size
Effect of speed and crumple zones on collision forces
laws of motion
Galileo's balls... terminal velocity... pendulum... Newton's cradle...
pendulum clock... siege engine...
swing... bridges

This growing set of experiment worksheets is provided as a free additional learning resource to be used with the simulations.
Registered users are free to edit or translate these worksheets and to print copies for their own use.
Please send us any worksheets you've created or modified and we'll include them here (either the worksheets themselves or links to them).

why experiment worksheets?
Often you'll use a simulation as a demonstration or for free play and exploration.
At other times you might want a more structured activity that focuses on a particular curriculum area - and this is when worksheets can become a useful resource. We've kept them separate from the simulations themselves so not to limit the ways the simulations are used.
The worksheets are not intended to be rigid or exhaustive - you may want to edit one or use it merely as a suggestion for some activity. And of course, use of the simulations isn't limited to what is suggested in the worksheets.